Managed IT Services

Every organization is different. You decide how you want us to support your IT function. With our Base Plan, we simply complete work per your request. Under an MSP Managed Services Plan, we take a proactive approach to monitor activities to prevent problems from getting out of hand. Managed Services can either be accomplished through manual monitoring or automated monitoring. Typical activities monitored include backups, anti-virus, server and pc patching, server event logs, and firewall logs.

Beachwood uses SolarWinds and ManageEngine software to automate the monitoring, inventory, and update process. The goal is to receive a real-time alert for all important exceptions so they can be addressed immediately. Your business’s success is dependent on its computer systems operating normally. Most company executives come to the realization that the cost of downtime from an IT outage, even a minor one, outweighs the cost of the monitoring service.

How good are we? Our average response time for urgent issues is less than 15 minutes. And, in the past 30 years, we can count on one hand the number of times our clients have been down for more than four hours.

Here’s what we do

  • Check Server Logs
  • Monitor for server issues
  • Monitor for workstation issues
  • Check Firewall logs
  • Check backups and replications
  • Check for virus protection issues
  • Check server and pc o/s update status
  • Patch Servers
  • Patch Workstations
  • Check database backups
  • Configure firewall as needed
  • Configure/troubleshoot data backup hardware/software
  • Maintain documentation on software licenses
  • Configure Anti-virus and category filters
  • Remove spyware and viruses as needed
  • Maintain wireless access points
  • Move / setup computers and printers
  • Create / restore folders/files as requested
  • Set and modify user permissions as needed
  • Meet as requested by phone or in person
  • Troubleshoot server issues – hardware/software
  • Troubleshoot pc issues – hardware/software
  • Assist with email changes / issues
  • Assist with month-end issues
  • Troubleshoot desktop remote control issues
  • Technology procurement advice and assistance
  • Provide or recommend training as required

Examples of Projects

-Microsoft 365 Email Migrations

If you are using an on-premise version of Microsoft Exchange or using an older POP or IMAP email service, and want to convert to Microsoft 365, you have come to the right place. Beachwood Systems has the Microsoft ‘Small and Midmarket Cloud Solutions Competency’ and will use the optimal approach to achieve a successful migration.

– Cloud Computing

Beachwood can move your data and programs to Microsoft Azure cloud servers and reduce on-premise hardware.

– Data Security Review

There are lots of bad actors in the world wreaking havoc on organizations with CryptoLocker style ransomware and worse. Beachwood Systems has professional staff with security specializations to conduct a review and provide recommendations to improve your company’s cyber security.

– Disaster Recovery Planning

If your office burned to the ground, would you be able to reconstitute your computing infrastructure with all data intact? Are you sure? Beachwood Systems can provide recommendations to help ensure that your organization can survive a disaster or unrecoverable virus attack.

– IT Infrastructure Refresh

How old are your servers? Are you getting complaints about slowness or unreliability? Is it a struggle to accommodate growth in data storage? It may be time to replace your old servers and pc’s. It takes meticulous planning to be able to migrate applications, services, and data seamlessly. We have done it hundreds of times.

– IT Function Review

This is an all-encompassing study with the goal of making your IT platform as reliable and efficient as possible. The assessment is performed, options considered, and the plan is provided. Once approved, we assist to implement the changes that you decide need to be made.

  • Hyper-V Virtualization
  • Microsoft SQL Server 2019
  • Microsoft Exchange Server 2019
  • Remote Desktop Services
  • Microsoft 365 cloud email
  • Microsoft Azure for cloud computing