Software Development

Beachwood Systems’ software development services include the design, development, and support of custom software for Windows client-server and browser based platforms.

Projects can range from the maintenance of a simple existing application to the full design, development, testing, and support of a new complex software system. Our clients engage us for a variety of different types of projects including software developed for internal processing needs, commercial applications being sold to the public, and web-based applications linked to in-house database back-ends. A lot of our work is in the development of business applications that augment ERP and CRM software.
The professional software engineers at Beachwood Systems have computer-related college degrees in areas such as Computer Science and Computer Engineering. The software development group has experience with a number of development languages and tools including:

  • Visual Basic .NET; Visual C# .NET
  • Visual C++ w/ MFC
  • Visual Basic / VBA
  • Microsoft SQL Server
  • Microsoft Access

Here are a few examples of software development projects that Beachwood Systems has completed:

  • An electronic grade book application written in Visual C++/ MFC and designed for use by teachers. Beachwood Systems designed and built this application from the ground-up based on teacher surveys and the evaluation of competing electronic grade books. Windows and Macintosh versions are being sold as a commercial product.
  • An Access database that is used by our client to draw data from an accounting/distribution/manufacturing system for EDI. The analysis and design phases of the project required working closely with the client and the client’s EDI partners. The resulting database has produced an automated workflow which paid for the development of the database in a very short time and will continue to save time and money for the client well into the future.
  • Developed a complete point of sale software system and back office inventory control, labor control, and labor scheduling system for a company with 100 hair and tanning salons. The software was developed from the ground up using Visual, Microsoft SQL server, and Crystal Reports.